Fiber Concrete Technology

High-performance-synthetic-fibers used to replace conventional steel reinforcement

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Deflashing and Blasting Media

Guaranteed quality products which meet and exceed the current needs when deflashing thermoset and rubber parts

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the exclusive distributor of EMSODUR and CONTEC FIBER for Southern African Countries

Brugg Contec

Fiber Concrete technology

CONTEC FIBER has more than 30 years experience with high-performance-fibers. Today’s fibers can greatly reduce or even replace conventional reinforcement.

Emsodur AG

Deflashing and blasting media

Emsodur AG is a Swiss based company specialising in manufacturing and developing deflashing and blasting media for the thermoset and rubber industry.

Fiber Concrete Technology from CONTEC FIBER

Solutions with synthetic fiber reinforced concrete

  • cost-effective
  • ecological
  • innovative and technically sophisticated for the precast production
  • Synthetic fibers to replace the conventional steel reinforcement.

We have more than 30 years of experience with high-performance-fibers and with our Macrofiber Concrix we have developed the worldwide first bicomponent fiber which has successfully passed a creeping test which had lasted more than 4 years. The enhanced technical parameters of the concrete can be used for structural design purposes.
Fibrofor High Grade and Diamond to replace the conventional steel-reinforcement or at least reduce it to a minimum even in floors with very high loads. (fiberAE / fibreBE)

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Fiber Concrete Technology

Deflashing and Blasting Media from Emsodur

Deflashing and blasting media for the thermoset and rubber industry.

The main characteristics of our sought after products are:

  • exact cube or cylinder shape
  • high impact strength
  • resistance to abrasion
  • dimensional stability
  • impressive durability

All these factors make EMSODUR deflashing and blasting media one of the best tailor made specialised products to be found anywhere.

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Emsodur - Deflashing and Blasting Media

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